Expressing Our Gratitude

To say that times have been tough for many lately would be an understatement. With stay at home orders, many sick with COVID-19 and all of the ups and downs with jobs, food security, school and more, it’s been a really hard time for many in our community.
Through all that however we’ve seen the incredible strength and character of our community come together to support those in need. North Kitsap Fishline has adjusted their services and stepped up to the plate when their requests doubled as many started struggling. Fingers Duke in Bremerton started Brem Built to support local businesses who are struggling with closed doors/reduced orders. In Port Orchard the Bay Street Association has put together a list of restaurants that are offering/delivery curbside service so you can support your local favorites. This is in addition to people shopping for high-risk neighbors, cleaning up their neighborhoods, and and all the numerous things our amazing community has done to support one another.
We want you to know we see you, and we appreciate you. Without you, there is no us! You have proven all through this that kindness, hope, love, happiness and community are NOT cancelled – even though many other things are right now.
Thank you to our community for being you and making Kitsap County one of the best places to live and work. We are honored to be right here with you.

Written by Elaine Hunt and Sharon Martinelli. For more information about them or to get in touch, visit our team page here.

Special Thanks to Troy Hunt and Joe Martinelli.

Photos by Faith Forman

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