Finding Normalcy in the Abnormal

Being prior military, my family has become accustomed to overcoming unknown circumstances. There was always a new PCS station in a new town—at times not knowing anyone—then deployments on top of that. Having littles in tow, we had to find a way to keep some sense of normalcy amidst the abnormal. Right away we would find the library and community center, then begin biking our neighborhood to find a nearby park; these were things we could do right away in every town right after moving. Connecting to what we did before, but in a new place, was what kept us grounded. I am no gardener, but no matter what home we had, we planted a garden. It gave us something to nurture and watch, and we got to celebrate what we managed to grow.

I am finding those old garden habits peaceful at this time too. We have had a ground box garden, a tiered row garden, small 2 x 4 ft raised garden box and, now that we are retired at home in Poulsbo, we have a greenhouse (to protect plants from our german shepherd). We are not always successful; not everything makes it, but we get a good amount of harvest and we celebrate together.

I hope you too are finding normalcy in the abnormal around Kitsap County and finding a lot to celebrate!

Written by Elaine Hunt. For more information about Elaine or to contact her, visit her profile on our team page here.

All Photos by Elaine Hunt

For tips on gardening in Western Washington, visit this great page from Washington State University! Don’t forget to check the current hours and service policies at your favorite Kitsap County Nursery before visiting for supplies, too.

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