Get Your Ya-Yas Out!

If you’re anything like my Husband and I, you may find yourself at home without your usual recreational outlets, looking for ways to pass the time and—hey, let’s be honest—get out a little frustration! We call this stir-crazy pent up energy “ya-yas” in our house. Take it from me, axe throwing is a great way to get your ya-yas out!
If you are a fan of having a pint and throwing an axe down at Valholl Brewing in Historic Downtown Poulsbo, here is a step-by-step suggestion for an at-home substitute until we can all get back out and about in Kitsap County. 
  1. Check Valholl’s Facebook page to see when they are doing growler fills. You can pick up some beer or cider to enjoy while also supporting a local small business
  2. Grab the nearest smallish axe. That’s a pretty vague description but hey, there are no hard and fast rules for getting your ya-yas out. If you don’t have a axe or a hatchet, amazon will ship you one for about $30.
  3. Put your dogs, cats, and kids inside.
  4. Put on some closed-toe shoes so you don’t risk a toe with bounce back. Take it easy with your first throws until you get a feeling for what the bounce back will be and how hard you can safely huck it.
  5. Roll up a nice flat log round and balance it upright. You can spray paint circles on it and assign point values like in darts or you can make up any rules that you want to. Your log, your axe, your ya-yas, your rules.
  6. Pour a pint, toss an axe, be safe, have fun and enjoy the satisfying thud of an axe hitting wood. 

Here’s a video of our set up and me getting my ya-yas out by throwing my axe at my home. Stay healthy and well and I look forward to seeing you out and about – maybe at Vaholl or somewhere else in Kitsap… hopefully sooner rather than later.

Written by Betsy Schairer. For more information about Betsy or to contact her, visit her profile on our team page here.

Cover Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash

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