Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

As the windy and rainy days of Winter fall behind us and we look forward to more sunshine and warmth, it’s the perfect time to do a seasonal check of your home for any repairs or maintenance that may need to be done. Below are some items that you should consider checking on as we head into Spring.

  • Check out your roof shingles – Rough Winter weather can do a number on roof shingles. Items to look for include loose or crooked shingles, missing grain, and loose or missing flashing around chimneys, vents, etc. If you are concerned about your roof, you may consider contacting a roofer to give you an estimate for repair or replacement and start saving. If you’re preparing to sell, keep that number in mind since it may come up as a repair item on a buyer’s inspection response.
  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned – While your roof is getting checked out it’s an excellent time to have a chimney professional service and clean your fireplace and flue. Have them examine the outside of the chimney to look for any cracking or crumbling that will need to be repaired to prevent water intrusion.
  • Inspect your gutters – Similarly, your gutters may be due for more than just a cleaning. Check for leaky or loose gutters; leaking or overflowing gutters can lead to wood rot around the house, and improper drainage or water pooling can be an issue for foundations. If water is pooling around the house where gutters end, be sure to redirect drainage to keep your foundation healthy.
  • Probe your wood trim – Wood trim with flaking paint or that was not sufficiently sealed can be susceptible to rot. You can use a screwdriver to probe window and door trim, railings, and decks for soft wood in need of replacement; wet wood in one of these places can wick into other wood if left waiting. If you see flaking paint or failing seals, now is the time to correct them before heavy rains do more damage.
  • Fill in low areas with compacted soil – Low areas in your yard or near your foundation can create areas of standing water. Standing water is bad for your foundation and can be a breeding ground for bugs and insects which start to come around in the warmer weather. Use compacted soil to fill in these spaces, making sure there is no earth-to-wood contact in areas around your house, garage, or shed as this can lead to moisture and rot issues.
  • Relocate your firewood – Firewood should be stored 18 inches off the ground and at least 2 feet away from the house to keep it dry and discourage insects that may find your firewood a nice place to live from moving into your house.
  • Inspect and clean concrete – Concrete slabs should drain away from the foundation of the home. If they are not, contact a concrete professional for a game plan and estimate on redirecting that water away from your home. It may also be a good idea to seal cracks in the concrete and pressure wash any grime/build-up to make it look fresh and clean.
  • Check exterior faucets – The cold Winter months can sometimes cause freezing in faucets and pipes. To check, turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening; if you can stop the flow of water, the pipe inside the home may be damaged and in need of replacement. While inspecting the faucet, check your garden hose for dry rot as well.
  • HVAC servicing time – If you did not have your HVAC systems serviced in the Fall or Winter, Spring is a great time to do it. Particularly if you have AC at your home, these systems run best when clean. Be sure to have a professional service these systems and replace interior filters regularly.
  • Check your battery and gas powered equipment – Everything comes back to life in the Spring, and it’s important to make sure your yard care equipment is in good working order so you are ready to keep everything looking tidy. Check your lawn mower, weed whacker, or any other equipment to make sure engines are running, batteries are charging, and blades are sharp. That way when it’s time for the first mowing of the season, you’re able to get it done.

Whether you’re preparing to sell or keeping up on a home you plan to enjoy for many years to come, these maintenance ideas get your home ready for warm weather we’re all looking forward to. If you are thinking about selling, give us a call at 360-930-8150!  Our team would be happy to help you figure out what your individual home may need to prepare to go on the market and fetch top dollar.

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