Keeping Kiddos Busy During COVID-19

Adjusting to full-time life at home during quarantine has been a lot for me, my husband and my kids. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I always appreciate when other parents have tips I can use to keep my two kids active and entertained during all of this. If it can help a small Kitsap County business stay afloat, even better!

On the morning of April third I received a text message from my friend/neighbor/client (yes she wears many hats in my life) Ashley Moore asking if I wanted anything from Blossom Baby. I had honestly never heard of Blossom Baby, so I pulled up the site and asked what she was getting for her kids. That’s when she turned me on to the Tuffo Muddy Buddy Rain Suit – as soon as I saw it I KNEW I needed one for each of my kids.

Both Ashley and I are in yard renovation mode because our husbands are home for a few weeks due to the pandemic. My husband and recently had six trees removed from our property and—as a result—we have a huge muddy area the kids just can’t get enough of. It seems like every 20 minutes the kids were out playing and coming in soaking wet, clothes covered in mud, just to put on new clothes to have the same thing happen again. Since I am currently working from home the constant cycle of cleaning the mud up, getting the kids changed, and going again was just too disruptive and we were accumulating SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Finding these rain suits kind of felt like fate.
To be honest you can find these on Amazon for just a few bucks less, but I was happy to be able to support a local business, and they even offer curbside pickup to allow for social distancing. Their storefront is in Silverdale which was a quick drive for me, and I felt it was an added bonus to be able to pick them up rather than wait for shipping! Ordering online was super easy and they even have a field to note who is picking up the order in case you need to send someone else.
We have loved these suits! They make cleanup so easy and the kids love getting geared up to go play in the mud. Having happy, active kids and not having to do double the laundry has helped my sanity, and it’s really great that the kids can go outside and play freely around the house even when it’s not sunny.
What tricks have you found to keep it together while keeping your little ones busy? I’m always looking for more ideas!

Written by Carli Ryen. For more information about Carli or to contact her, visit her profile on our team page here.

All photos by Carli Ryen

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