Painted Rock Hunting in Kitsap

I’m someone who has always enjoyed staying active, and I especially enjoy activities that get me outside. I used to do a lot of road biking years ago, and I’ve always enjoyed hiking too. In the last few years I’ve taken on mountain biking, but with Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order a lot of the trails I normally ride have been closed for the last month or more.

I’ve always been a regular walker, but between not wanting to go stir-crazy at home and also needing to wear out my dog Patch (who is no longer able to work out some of his energy with his regular doggie playmates), my exploration of Poulsbo has been really amped up.

In the process of covering 4-6 miles a day I really started to notice painted rocks around town more and more. I’ve always seen them- I’m sure you’ve seen them, too. I never really knew what the deal was until recently though.

Turns out rock painting and hunting is a pretty popular activity all over the country (and world). Folks paint rocks with fun patterns, inspirational messages and their favorite characters then tuck them away for others to find and enjoy. There are lots of Facebook groups and websites dedicated to sharing ideas, tips, and celebrating cool finds. Some take home their favorites, some leave them in place for others to enjoy, and some re-hide them in a new spot to be discovered again!

I was blown away to find out how popular this pastime is in our area. There are some great groups on Facebook for Poulsbo and Kitsap in general, and this site has some great info on getting started with the hobby. It seems like a really fun way to pass the time, and I bet kids would love being able to paint their own rocks and go out hunting for new ones. From what I hear Fish Park in Poulsbo is a very popular spot – I have not checked it out myself as my dog would get a little too excited about the wildlife there.

One of my favorite spots is the Kitsap Kindness Rocks Garden on Jensen Way. The motivational messages on those rocks really speak to me. Where do you see painted rocks in Kitsap?

Written by Sandi Nelson. For more information about Sandi or to connect with one of our great team members, visit our team page here.

Photos by Sandi Nelson

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